Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dynamo: Clothing Line

With viewing figures that no-one could have predicted (first series 2.7m, second series, twice that), our favourite magician is fast becoming one of the UK's first and foremost entertainers. The Bradford born Dynamo not only has a book coming soon, but he has also just released a rather ace new clothing line.

Now celebrity endorsed lines can be a bit hit and miss, but we're loving these little numbers. AND they're reasonably priced, ranging from £18 to £30. Bargain!

As well as T's and hoodies, D is also selling posters, pens and iPhone covers. Now that's what we call magic...!

Shop for yourself here.

If you didn't catch the second series yet, check this clip of Dynamo walking DOWN an 80 foot building.

Seriously, this is NUTS!

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