Wednesday, September 5, 2012

G FrSH: Daily Duppy

"Now I'm too cold for a week off (weak cough)"

Now, it takes a pretty great freestyle to warrant a repost right?

Well this one from G FrSH is certainly derving of that.

Not only a nuts flow in parts, the double-entrendres and punchlines are actually off the scale. You need to listen to this at least four times to really appreciate properly. WORDPLAY FOR DAYS!

"Now I understand why they say money can't make you happy/ Cos I'm P'd Off'...
"Holla at Nike told 'em I did it/ My life's one big holiday I'm too cold for a week off...
"Paid for private education/ For my daughter cos she's amazing/ Wrote her a hymn to sing her praises/ "She ain't never sad cos iIm happy/ I'm too fly and flashy/ So she don't call me daddy/ She calls me paparazzi.
"When I'm dead burn me, so at least in death I earn (urn)"

Signed to Tinie and his manager Dumi's, Distrubing London label, G-FrSH is one of the UK's most unsung MC's.

Keep your eye on this guy.

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